We are all individuals and experts leading our own projects and organisations. This is where we come together to collaborate, share resources and develop. All of our work has focused on the direct empowerment of leaders, organisations and communities.


    We work with organisations and institutions empowering them to deliver global leadership development programmes, form community and utilise the resources, skills and networks that they have in order to create lasting social value.


    Amongst us, we are facilitators, teachers, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, filmmakers, writers, performers and animal lovers.

    She lives

    Ilana Wetzler was born in England and grew up in South Africa. She is a social innovator and entrepreneur and works as a creative leadership training facilitator and executive coach. She has global experience in designing, organizing, and facilitating leadership and peace programmes for purpose-driven leaders, organisations and communities.


    Ilana works extensively in South Africa, Europe, China, India, the UK the US.

    She is a yes

    Daria Ofman is a political scientist, facilitator and world traveler. She was born in The Netherlands and currently lives in Alexandria, Egypt while working internationally as a facilitator and leadership developer. All of her work is dedicated to unwinding fear, through both research, courses, facilitation and teaching.


    Daria is working as a programme developer at Gudran in Egypt amongst many other projects.

    She is real

    Pip Wheaton is the co-founder of South African youth leadership and entrepreneurship initiative, enke: Make Your Mark. She was CEO for 5 years and has been awarded an Ashoka Fellowship to honour her for her work as a social entrepreneur.


    She's currently doing her MBA at Oxford University and is a Skoll Social Entrepreneurship Awardee.


  • Buckminster Fuller

    The opposite of nature is impossible

  • Services

    For gamechangers, facilitators, entrepreneurs, teachers, principals, humans, gods, disruptors and dog-lovers.

    Creative Leadership Facilitation

    Experiential leadership development for people wanting to make a difference in whatever context they are in, through whatever ways they are most passionate about.

    Experiences Creation

    Existing and tailor-made programmes on: Peace. Power and Love. Leadership. Health. Facilitation. Coaching. General Disruptive Behaviours.

    Executive Coaching

    Tailor-made coaching packages (once-off and long term) for extraordinary people leading purpose-driven initiatives and organisations.

    Train the Trainers

    Training for trainers in facilitation and leadership development, to deliver and hold generative, engaging and transformative processes for people of all ages.

    Design for Community Creation

    Design and facilitation for generative events/workshops to bring individuals together, unify groups, share resources and enable long-term relationships.

    Public Speaking

    Delivering once-off talks and individually designed sessions on any topics related to co-creating a more conscious society.

    Individual Coaching

    A whole-system and intuitive approach to the human being, their context and the whole.

    Strategy Development

    Creating spaces for individuals and groups to dream up their wildest ambitions, address their stumbling blocks and set their visions in motion.


    San Francisco Interveiew

    on "Sharing Lunch"

  • e. e. cummings

    I imagine that yes is the only living thing

  • Rumi

    You are not a drop in the ocean.

    You are the entire ocean in a drop.

  • Find us

    We have had the privilege of doing work all of the world - from organisational turnarounds, strategic design and policy change - to designing & delivering programmes on leadership, peace education, entrepreneurship, facilitation & coaching. Should you wish to host an event in your country, find us here.

  • Working Together

    We work with individuals, organisations and communities - across generations, sectors and systems.


    Our projects are a mix of paid, sponsored and pro-bono work depending on the time and work required, our only requirement is that the project or collaboration has an extended impact beyond a once-off engagement.


    We work with organisations and people that are committed to the work that they are doing and so design strategies & programmes to meet both their context and budget.


  • Making contact




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  • Some of our key projects, organisations & partnerships

    Director | Lead Facilitator 

    Our mission is to live in a world where every entrepreneur is driven by a purpose greater than profit, every business a force for good and everyone has the opportunity to contribute towards the uplifting of society, so that together we can build a better world through business.


    Partner, Associate 

    ImpactReady is part of a bigger movement pushing the boundaries of how people and organisations work together, and what they work for. Some people call this post-capitalism, some call it the shared economy, others call it meta-modernism. Either way, it is the future. And we can help shape it.

    Skollar Summit 

    The Skoll Centre is a leading academic entity for the advancement of social entrepreneurship worldwide, fostering innovative social transformation through education, research, and collaboration. 

    Youth Leadership Development Programme 

    The exclusive ISSOS summer school program offers high school students from all over the world (aged 13-18) the unique opportunity to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure in one of two amazing, historic and picturesque UK university towns of St Andrews and Cambridge.



    The ASHA Centre is a UK charity working for the empowerment of young people, sustainable development and peace & reconciliation worldwide. The Centre is a hub of intercultural activities, hosting a range of educational, performing arts and environment-based programmes throughout the year.


    The Serotonin Project (then known as Serotonin Productions) was first launched in August 2005 as a company dedicated to "raise your levels", it was about lighting and uplifting the world through whatever means possible.


    In its early stages, its most recognised projects were Like Honey and Like Fire, Cape Town Rocks and then the outrageous satire Eurafrica and the Joy Experiment. Over the years it has become an umbrella term for various projects that embody the same vision.

    Programme Designer | Facilitator - Strategic Planning & Leadership Development 2012 - 2012

    IkamvaYouth equips learners from disadvantaged communities with the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education and/or employment opportunities once they matriculate. IkamvaYouth aims to increase the collective skill level of the population, to grow the national knowledge base, and to replicate success in more communities.


    Facilitation Training & Content Advisor Mar 2011 - Mar 2013

    enke: Make Your Mark (“enke”) is a youth development organisation that inspires and supports young South Africans who are taking action on the most urgent social issues.

    enke: Make Your Mark empowers young leaders to make their mark on their community, their country and their world. enke participants develop as socially conscious global citizens and initiate their own community-based development projects, creating change on the issues they care about most.

    Leadership and Facilitation Development 2012

    Lila Poonawalla Foundation is an Educational Trust in India whose vision is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by supporting academically outstanding and financially deserving girls, through scholarship to pursue higher education. Since its inception in 1996, almost 3000 scholarships have been granted to more than 1900 deserving girls.

    Lead Trainer: Peace Education and Non-Violent Action (UK '11), Leadership Through Service (Macedonia '11), Peace and Change (UK '12), From Theory to Action (Greece '12), Entrepreneurship and Creativity (UK '13)

    Youth in Action offers a range of opportunities for young people and those working in the youth sector. It is funded by the European Union and administered by the British Council in the UK.


    Youth in Action offers grants to youth organisation to run networking and training events and to enable organisations to bring young people and decision-makers together to discuss and shape the future direction on a number of issues

    Lead Facilitator - Youth Council Leadership Development 2011, UK &        Mentor Leadership Development 2010, South Africa

    Dance4life works with young people towards a world without AIDS.

    They do this through sex education in schools, using music and dance to involve and inspire young people. Furthermore, dance4life motivates young people to take action to stop the worldwide spread of HIV and AIDS. Half of the 6.300 people infected with HIV every day are under 25 years old. The initiative is active in over 20 countries, spread over 5 continents.

    Coaches | Facilitators | Course Directors 2009 - 

    The Change (UK & Ireland), Sunryse (The Netherlands) and Lucca Leadership (South Africa & Macedonia) are charities and foundations that enable people of all nationalities and backgrounds to discover their purpose, clarify their vision and develop the skills needed to make change happen for the benefit of their communities, nations and ultimately humanity itself. 


    Lucca SA ran from 2006-2013, working directly with over 1500 people who were committed to making a difference. These individuals are now both leading and participating in game changing projects and organisations across SA and the rest of the world.

    Consultant 2013 - 

    Gudran Association for Art and Development is a coalition of artists, writers, photographers, directors, dramatists, and musicians motivated by what we call “the artists’ social responsibility”:


    - to abandon the traditional spaces of exhibition and performance,

    - activate our artistic practice in the street,

    - and stimulate contact with all aspects of Egyptian society. 

    Director / Co-Producer Jan 2007 - Jan 2008

    Winner of the Fleur du Cap People's Choice award.


    “Eurafrica is a madcap, merciless comedy romp by white South Africans. Daft, disastrous, devilishly funny and culturally fascinating. A madcap, merciless comedy romp sending up all things politically sacred in South Africa.” The Scotsman, Edinburgh ****